Michael Taylor – Commissions and Special Orders

Michael regularly works with customers to make special pieces for them

Commissions/creation of a unique piece: Often the client has an image of a piece of ceramics she/he is inspired by, or a piece of pottery that has a romantic, special meaning or even a ‘junk shop’ find. Taking this as a starting point Michael will work with the client to make a unique piece with them, for them.

Special orders / adjusting a piece already in existance to particular requirements: We have many instances where the client likes a piece of Michael’s pottery but it is not the right colour, size, form for them. Michael will discuss how to alter the original to suit your needs.










Pint mug commission – May 2014

“Thank you very much for making these beautiful mugs for us, they will be cherished (and used every day, of course)”.
Recent commissions and special orders include:
wedding tableware
cheese dome
Bread crock
cat bowls
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